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Harvest Highlights

“Perseverance and what you learn along the way…priceless.”



2018 - More taps, more tubing, more snow!!  This year we were busy preparing inside the sugarhouse almost as much as we were outside.  We have a "new to us" H2O evaporator that barely fit through the door!  We sold our 2 1/2' x 8' wood fired evaporator and now have a 6' x 16' oil fired one.  We bought it from a fellow sugar maker and watched them work with it at their sugarhouse.  This was helpful to us while we learned to run it at our sugarhouse! Everything went smoothly and now the R. O. runs a few hours before we fire our new one up!  The time we saved not cutting and splitting firewood, was spent outside putting up more tubing and taps on two new leases.  This year we had approximately 3200 taps and we were able to harvest about 65% of our crop in about eight weeks.  Our finished syrup total was 720 gallons.  We started boiling at the end of February.  By the end of March, we had no snow for the Michigan Maple Syrup Weekend and the fifth grade field trip.  Then, April arrived.  With it, came 18" of snow in  the beginning and just for good measure another 30" in mid April.  By the time the final snow melted we were done boiling.  As always we are greatful for the blessing of this crop and the opportunities that come from it.  Now it's time to sell it all!  Thank you to our "farm supporters"...we are thankful for all of you!  Remember, we love to share the farm with you so call or stop by!