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Our Story

Everyone has a story...this is ours.

We have friends that have made maple syrup for years.  We would enjoy it at their house and buy it from them.  It was good, very good. Blue ribbon winning good! So, we thought maybe we could try making some.  How hard can it be? It would be just a "hobby" of course.  The rest is history. 

BB2209-xmas2010 218.jpg

We began making maple syrup in 2010.  We made a homemade evaporator out of an old water tank.  The syrup pan on top we borrowed from our friends.  In 2012, we bought a used 2 1/2' x 8' wood fired evaporator.  Every year we add and/or change things.  In 2018, we sold our 2 1/2' x 8' evaporator and now run a 6' x 16' fuel oil fired evaporator.  Obviously, we have moved beyond the "hobby" stage.  It is something we do as a family.  It takes everybody's help.  That is where our name came from, "4D Acre Farm...4 Delke's on 40 acres."  

 Besides maple syrup, we have our daily jobs that require our attention also.  Nathan is an automotive engine machinist/rebuilder.  (Very handy when things break, and they do.)  Sally is a school bus driver.  Our son Evan is a sophomore at Grand Valley State University and our daughter Jillian is a senior in high school.  When we are not making or selling syrup (or preparing for the next syrup season) you might find us hunting, fishing, gardening or reading.

We are very blessed to live on this farm.  We did not plant these trees.  We did not put the sap in these trees.  We do not water these trees.  God does.  We just try to give you, from tree to table, the best maple syrup and maple products that we can.  We hope you have enjoyed our story thus far.  Check out our "Harvest Highlights" for more information and our "Photo Gallery" for our maple journey in pictures!  For now, Lord willing, our story continues on from here...